Hdtoday Apk

Download Hdtoday Apk Latest Version 1.8.5 — here we’re discussing its V1.8.5 details, simply get it and enjoy!

App Details

App Name: Hdtoday Apk
Current Version: 1.8.5
File Size: 20.25
Last Update: October 27, 2022
Developer: Hdtoday
Get it on: Google Play Store

Hdtoday Apk Overview

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Hdtoday Apk for Android

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Full HD Quality

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Users can search for specific titles or browse by genre, country, or rating. The app also features a selection of original content created by Hdtoday itself. This includes upcoming releases and classic films that are available for streaming in HD quality.

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How to Download APK and Install on Android?

To use this application on your phone, download and install Hdtoday Apk’s latest version 1.8.5 and its file size just 20.25. Follow these steps.

  • Click on the Download (20.25)
  • Save its latest v1.8.5 on your phone
  • Open File and enable Unknown Sources
  • Click next and then Install the APK.

In case of any issue, please make sure the download was complete, or try an older version than 1.8.5 if you’re on a low-end device.

How to Download APK?

Do you want the APK file now? Here is the method to follow.

  • Tap on the Download APK (20.25)
  • Save the latest version 1.8.5 in your phone
  • Open the File and Install
  • Enable Unknown Sources and then Install

That’s all, in case of any error please different version.


This is everything you need to know about the latest version (1.8.5) of Hdtoday Apk. If you are going to use this, please share your experience here.

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