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Router Brute Force Review:

Do you need to know the password of your local router? If so, the application mentioned (Router Brute Force) could be able to do the task for you? However, it is important to know the process by which Router Brute Force application works and what you can do to further utilize it to solve the problem.

In the beginning, Router Brute Force is an instrument for penetration or a password cracker. It works on the principle of dictionary attack to break the password. With the help of the program it is possible to hack the router and gain the password in a snap. However, to make this easier said , but done it is necessary to master the basics of hacking and cracking the password.

With the help of the program it is not likely cause damage to the router the network you’re attacking. However, you’ll expose the password. For instance, you will be able to know the password for the network in order to access the internet for free.

What is the best way to make use of the Router Force? Force?

The program is adorned with numerous useful tools which you can use them for securing any router you have around your.

The application has saved numerous passwords. When we start using the application. The application will check those stored passwords on the desired router or network. If the password is compatible the one you have saved, it will be displayed on a notepad. However, in the event that it doesn’t, then you are able to try a different attack.

  1. Download the Router Brute Force app from the download link below then install the app to the Android phone.
  2. It may ask you to confirm that the program has been contaminated with harmful codes. It is best to ignore that and carry on with the task.
  3. You must establish an IP address that is the default for the router, using an admin name. Alternatively, you could use an admin name.
  4. Then, in your next stage, you have choose either the file or a specific. In the first case you’ll be using the the memory of your phone to break the router’s password. In the latter case you will be able to use the file you have created yourself.
  5. However, the file must not exceed 5MB in size, since the program will not be able to take the file that is larger than 5 MB.
  6. If you press the check button. The application will display an error message that includes the IP address or whether the router is insecure or not.

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